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Emerson Process Management summits focus on biofuels

Emerson Process Management will host the third in a series of regional summits across the United States to address recommendations to help drive the successful commercialisation of alternative fuels, focussing on second-generation biofuels.

Alternative fuels industry leaders and investors, academia, and other third-party experts are invited to attend the Atlanta summit to discuss how to successfully tackle the challenge of translating alternative fuels technology into large-scale production of renewable and eco-friendly transportation fuels or energy for refineries, chemical plants, pulp mills, and other industries.

“Alternative fuels are becoming ‘imperative fuels’ in order to meet the global energy demands of the future,” said Emerson Process Management director of alternative field, Alan Novak.

Estimates suggest the United States could produce enough ethanol to displace nearly a third of all gasoline use by 2030, assuming companies demonstrate and implement commercially viable methods for turning non-edible biomass, such as garbage, wood waste, or sawgrass, into liquid fuels, Emerson Process Management said.

“Emerson has a track-record of helping companies with highly complex, complicated processes successfully lower their costs and risks of production, improve uptime and reliability, and provide certainty and predictability during new and somewhat uncertain operations,” said Novak.

“It’s our hope these summits will provide opportunities to share best practices and real-world experiences to help pave the way for a successful biofuels industry.”

The next event, called Emerson Alternative Fuels/BioRefinery Summit, will be held on May 28 in Atlanta, followed by a summit in Houston later this winter.

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