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Emerson Process Management introduces compact, intelligent electric valve actuator with simple digital controls

Emerson Process Management presents the EIM Model 500 with TEC2 electronics,
a new high-performance electric actuator featuring a compact size, light weight
and advanced electronics.

Built on decades of electric actuator innovation with added state-of-the-art
electronic control technology for use in rotary and linear valve applications, EIM
Model 500 automates small valves used in tight piping configurations and can be
utilised with a remote display module for difficult-to-observe applications. The
integrated TEC2 electronics provides the visibility, insight and reliable
control needed for effective plant operations.

Modern day plant environments need to get timely information on valve
operation in process units to be able to reduce costly downtime. The TEC2
electronics provides ready information on actuator status and diagnostics, helping
operations avoid unscheduled maintenance.

With increased stem acceptance, the Model 500 accommodates a wide
variety of valve mounting options. The non-intrusive design of the actuator eliminates
the need to open control compartments, simplifying set-up and maintenance.

Model 500 electric actuators utilise an open network control
architecture allowing a wide range of topologies and protocols including
Modbus, HART, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet and Ethernet to
integrate into existing or new communication networks. It also offers the
convenience of Bluetooth operation while maintaining an intrinsically-safe

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