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Emerson launches new rotary style actuators for LP gas services

Emerson Process Management has launched a new range of rotary actuators
for internal valves in LP-gas services.

The new Fisher P700 series rotary actuators have been released for use
with Fisher C series internal valves, helping to deliver full valve capacity
and reduce maintenance in LP-gas applications.

Designed for easy installation, durability and reliable performance, Fisher
P700 rotary style actuators allow internal valves to be remotely operated on
storage tanks, bobtail route trucks, and bulk transports.

Key features and benefits of Fisher P700 series actuators include assured
efficient performance of both actuator and internal valve to deliver full valve
capacity; designed to precisely actuate Fisher internal valves and eliminate
side-load wear; minimising actuator air consumption while maximising service
life; compatibility with air, nitrogen or propane vapour; ¼” UL approved
thermal fuse plug to provide shutoff in the event of an emergency situation;
and maximum allowable inlet pressure of 125 PSIG.

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