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Emerson introduces Raptor tank gauging system in Australia

Emerson is sticking with the dinosaur theme for its Rosemount Tank Gauging line-up. After Rex, the company now delivers the Raptor.

And like its animal namesake, the Raptor boasts sharp specs that, the company hopes, can slay its opponents. "This is a generation change in tank gauging," Magnus Petersson told PACE at the launch in Sydney recently. Petersson is product manager (tank gauging & process level) at Rosemount.

(Pictured alongside: Emerson’s Phil Holland (L) and Magnus Petersson with the Raptor during the Sydney launch.)

The Raptor was built from the ground up an open architecture and uses a 2-wire high-speed Foundation fieldbus based Tankbus. For demanding sites, the Raptor can be configured with Emerson’s self-organising WirelessHART networks.

Accuracies of ±0.5 mm and ±3 mm are available depending on user requirements. Where high overfill prevention is critical, the Raptor is available with a 2-in-1 feature that has two independent radar units in one gauge enabling SIL 3 certification.

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