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Emerson increases efficiency, power module life in wireless vibration transmitter

Emerson Process Management has introduced new spectral
resolution options for the CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter that reduce
bandwidth requirements and improve power module life. 

Data log and
configuration capabilities have been added to streamline user interaction with
multiple transmitters on a single gateway. These enhancements are delivered via
the release of AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager version 5.61, Emerson’s
asset management software.

AMS Machinery
Manager offers “spectrum
on alert” for a more efficient means of acquiring diagnostic information. Analytical
data is acquired only when there is a condition alert on the machine.
Additionally users can adjust the amount of resolution captured, further
reducing the bandwidth used and power required to operate the transmitter.

A new data log capability delivers the operational
history of each transmitter, allowing users to identify performance issues in
the field from AMS Suite. 

“Performance and efficiency are
factors that contribute to greater asset reliability,” said Nathan Pettus, vice
president of Emerson’s Reliability Solutions business. 

“By finding ways to make
our own technology perform better and more efficiently, we are able to pass
those same results on to the user and improve the asset reliability in their

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