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Emerson flow computer power module increases power delivery

Emerson Process Management introduces a power module for the ROC800 series flow computers.

In addition to increased power delivery, Emerson’s PM-30 allows switching from a 12 vdc power source to a 24 vdc power source without changing the power modules. Suitable for the ROC800 and ROC800L RTU flow computers, the PM-30 offers the flexibility to install the ROC800 series in either 12 volt solar installations or 24 volt rack mounted installations without needing to change the power module.

The ROC800 series flow computers are ideal for a variety of applications involving liquid hydrocarbons such as crude, refined products, special application products, lubricating oils and light hydrocarbons.

Key features of Emerson’s PM-30 power supply modules include auto regulation of any voltage between 11 and 30 volts DC; increased power delivery of 70 watts of power to the ROC800 I/O, exceeding PM-12’s 60 watts and PM-24’s 30 watts; additional power to expand the I/O without power consumption concerns; and improved monitoring with LEDs indicating the status of the 12vdc and 3.3vdc on the back plane.

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