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Emerson expands its vibrating fork point liquid level switches range

The Rosemount 2120 range of vibrating fork point liquid
level switches from Emerson Process Management is now certified for SIL 2 functional
safety with SIL 3 capability, expanding its application scope, and improving
plant safety. The new approvals allow the device to meet demanding safety
application requirements.

Rosemount 2120 vibrating fork switches are user-friendly and reliable, making
the range a popular choice for high and low level alarm and pump control duties
in a wide range of process and marine applications.

Rosemount 2120 vibrating fork point liquid level switches are now
approved for marine applications by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) with Emerson
also adding an expanded choice of process connections for greater installation

For safety critical applications, SIL 2 certification is now available
for the 2120 with NAMUR and 8/16mA electronic outputs. Five plug-in electronic
outputs provide a choice of switching functions. The SIL 2 certification
extends the time between proof tests, allowing users to avoid extra shutdowns
for safety testing.

In addition to the new 2″ NPT process connection, the switch is now
available with Mobrey A and G flanges enabling compatibility with mechanical
float switch process connections.

Expanding on the existing Germanischer (GL) approval, the ABS approval
allows the use of the 2120 in marine applications such as oil and ballast
control and HFO blending. 

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