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Emerson Connect Tour – Reliability & Operational Certainty

Emerson and Prime Creative Media have partnered to host workshops and seminars targeting production optimisation, reliability improvements, plant safety and emissions reduction. International speakers and local experts will present reliability & Operational Certainty case studies across multiple industries.

Included in the workshops will be a round table discussion on Harnessing the power of Industrial IoT to achieve operational certainty – the path to top quartile performance. An invite-only discussion you will participate in an open discussion exploring how to move past the “hype” of IIoT and realise the business benefits of real world applications in the areas of Reliability, Safety, Production, and Energy and Emissions.

Some of the questions we will discuss are: are your organisations ready for IIoT? How will it impact your business? What are the best places to deploy it, and what is the business case for it?

This will be an open discussion facilitated by a small team of Emerson’s business leaders and solution experts.

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