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Emerson commercial service regulator reduces cost of ownership

The Fisher CS804 commercial service regulator from Emerson Process Management is designed to minimise cost of ownership by providing a long service life and easy maintenance.

The highly configurable, fast-acting Fisher commercial service regulators are used to supply natural gas to commercial applications such as heating office buildings, schools, grocery stores and apartment complexes.

The Fisher CS804 eliminates false trips due to inaccurate internal registration, vibration, high flow rates and/or cold temperatures, reducing unnecessary maintenance calls to the field and lowering lifecycle costs. Improved internal registration in the CS804 eliminates the need to install a control line to achieve slam-shut accuracy requirements, which also reduces overall cost of ownership and installation.

By providing a full range of overpressure protection options, Fisher commercial service regulators minimise gas emissions to the atmosphere and deliver safe and reliable solutions needed for buildings of public assembly. 

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