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Emerson adds new electro hydraulic operator for remote valve emergency shutdown

Emerson Process Management has introduced a robust electro-hydraulic
operator to its broad valve automation capabilities. The new Bettis EHO
actuator provides a complete solution for critical situations to ensure an instantaneous
and dependable fail-safe response in remote areas.

Emerson’s new Bettis EHO actuator integrates proven technologies from
Emerson’s Valve Automation range of actuation and controls to reliably handle
critical shutdown situations.

Suitable for a diverse range of applications from topsides valve
automation on offshore platforms to remote pipelines, EHO actuators help
operators counteract challenges arising out of operational problems that can
cause safety and environmental hazards as well as costly production losses.

Featuring a compact design with actuator and control components from
Emerson that have been field proven for decades in critical service, the new EHO
actuators combine more than 200 years of experience in valve actuation,
electric motor, and hydraulic control technology.

Key features and capabilities of Emerson’s EHO actuators include choice
of spring-return or double-acting configurations; torque outputs able to handle
valve sizes from 6” to 60”; powered by utility electrical power or optional
solar power for remote areas where electric power is unavailable or unreliable;
operable in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +60°C; and fail-safe capability
reliable with fast close or open stroke times, suitable for emergency shutdown
in oil or gas service. 

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