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Embedded computer for military and aerospace systems

embedded computer

Acromag has released its ARCX box, which is a rugged small form factor embedded computer with unique expandable features that include PMC, XMC, mini PCle, mSATA module slots, optional solid-state drive, front I/O panel, and secondary connectors. According to the company, the SFF embedded computer has been engineered rugged with size, weight and power to address the space requirements of vehicle electronics. Compatible with industry standards and manufactured to IP67 standards and shock and vibration tested to MIL-STD-810G, these computers are available in either a single PMC/XMC slot or double PMC/XMC slot versions.

The computer comes equipped with an Intel 4th generation Core i7 CPU, which allows programmable power limits, where heat and power is a concern. The rugged design includes thick circuit boards and a high shock and vibration SODIMM hold-down mechanism and heat sink, and is fanless with no cable. It has been designed and manufactured for military/aerospace deployable systems such as vetronics, C4ISR, payload management, and command and control applications.

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