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Electricians make light work

A number of issues are currently on our minds, not least the effects of the global economic crisis on our members, and the ongoing opportunities and challenges associated with a sustainable environment.

As the electrical and communications industry peak body for contractors, NECA’s (National Electrical and Communications Association) core role is to ensure that our members are supported in their endeavours to run profitable businesses, and that their needs are heard at all levels of government.

Typically, contractors that are successful build their businesses on differentiating factors such as quality of service or unique skills. As more and more customers seek information and advice on the best ways to create environmentally-sound and sustainable buildings, NECA’s EcoSmart Electricians training and accreditation program is providing an important opportunity.

The program trains contractors in energy efficient products and technologies, enabling them to provide the latest advice to their customers. Those contractors who successfully complete the four compulsory modules are eligible for accreditation, providing a point of difference signifying their higher knowledge.

NECA is also advising members about the phase-out of incandescent lighting. The Australian Customs and Border Protection Services importation ban was introduced on 1st February 2009 for common incandescent lamps with a multitude of shapes and bases. The import ban does not apply to electric filament lamps that are imported as part of equipment, as well as coloured GSL lamps, silver GSL lamps, candle lamps, fancy round lamps, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). This is a lead-up to the ban on the sale of such lamps from 1 November 2009.

NECA has been discussing with Minister Garrett’s department the subject of education and information for members who will be called upon by customers to give advice on lighting products. A significant percentage of the EcoSmart Electricians training program is focussed on lighting.


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