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Electrical power source combines three independent phases in one device

Fluke Australia announces the launch of the new 6003A three phase electrical power source designed to cost-effectively provide the superior accuracy and performance of three independent phases in one compact device.

Fluke Calibration’s 6003A electrical power sources offer the appropriate accuracy for calibration laboratories, with specifications of ±0.038 per cent for power and ±0.01 degree for phase. The compact form factor of the 6003A makes it easy to transport and maintain in manufacturing companies, electric utility meter shops, and organisations that manufacture, maintain, and calibrate power meters, energy meters, power quality analysers, and similar tools.

Key benefits of the 6003A electrical power source include ability to deliver the accuracy and functions found in more expensive three-phase systems; three independent phases of precise voltage and current; ability to source power quality phenomena, including harmonics, interharmonics, and dip/swell variations; and measurement capabilities for DC voltage, DC resistance, and frequency for measuring outputs from power and energy transducers.

The compact 6003A can be used to test workloads in situ, taking up less bench space, and is more cost effective to maintain than multi-piece units. Its graphical user interface enables users to set up complex harmonic signals quickly and easily while the simple operation allows new users to learn and become productive quickly.

Specialised capabilities can be added to the electrical power source including an energy option, which adds a pulse counter and pulse output; a power quality option that enables the 6003A to calibrate power quality instrumentation by generating up to 63 harmonics, an interharmonic, modulation (flicker), and dips and swells on all three channels; and a 90 A adapter with high-current leads that generates up to 90 A from a single current phase to manage high-current workloads.

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