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Electrical apprentices get assistance with $20 million package

Around 2,500 electrical apprentices will benefit from a partnership between EE-Oz Training Standards and the Federal Government.

EE-Oz, the Industry Skills Council for ElectroComms and Energy Utilities industries, will receive around $20 million to introduce reforms to electrical apprenticeships and improve retention of electrical apprentices.

The initiative, led by industry, enables apprentices to progress through their training as they demonstrate the required competencies, rather than on a time served basis.

Apprentices who meet competencies earlier benefit by obtaining their formal qualification sooner. These reforms recognise that apprentices are no longer just school leavers – many bring valuable skills and experiences to their apprenticeships which should be recognised through competency based progression.

The apprentices would also receive help to complete their training, with targeted mentoring and support.

EE-Oz will engage 50 industry qualified mentors and advisers to support apprentices and employers to help raise completion rates.

The mentors and advisers will help to improve retention rates by giving potential apprentices a realistic expectation of the requirements of technical training by providing a comprehensive mentoring service.

EE-Oz will contribute just under $5 million to the initiative.

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