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Effortless material level monitoring with LED display

Micromax introduces the Auto-Set from 4B, a radio frequency level
indicator designed to automate the detection of material levels stored in
tanks, bins, silos or other containers.

The Auto-Set level control device is capable of monitoring low, medium
and high levels on almost all liquids and granular solids such as powders,
grains and sugar. By effortlessly automating the process of monitoring material
levels, the Auto-Set delivers multiple benefits including improving overall
efficiency by maintaining material output, reducing stoppage time due to lack
of material and preventing overflow.

Key features of the Auto-Set level monitor include a unique, easy-to-use
LED display that shows the set values for covered, uncovered and trip settings,
enabling easy setup and adjustment; simple push-button calibration to permanently
save settings, storing data in a non-volatile memory to eliminate any impact
from loss of power; fail-safe design; and power shield function automatically
compensating for material build-up around the probe and on the sides of the
container, preventing false indication.

A reliable, robust solution suited to a wide variety of industries, the Auto-Set
level indicators are also available in IECEx approved models for explosive environments.

The Auto-Set is available exclusively in Australia from Micromax Sensors
& Automation, a specialist in industrial automation.

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