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Effluent treatment solution saves water and energy in Thailand

CST Wastewater Solutions has been used by a company in Thailand to cut effluent COD pollutions at its cassava production plant by more than 95%.

Chokyuenyong Industrial is also using the technology package from Global Water Engineering to extract gas from its wastewater to power its boilers and generate electricity for its own use and to sell back to the provincial grid.

The system follows CST Wastewater Solutions and Global Water Engineering’s installation of a water recovery plant and green energy plant at the $120 million Bluetongue Brewery on NSW’s Central Coast.

The Thai company processes 1,200 tons of cassava roots a day. The system uses GWE anaerobic technology with a capacity of 3,200 cubic metres of effluent a day, demonstrating the possibility of attaining top environmental standards of wastewater cleanliness while generating green power and carbon credit profits.

The system has cut the Chemical Oxygen Demand pollution level of influent wastewater from 22,500 ml/l to less than 1125 mg/l, resulting substantially cleaner discharges to treatment ponds and ultimately the environment/

It returns up to 2.7 Mw of electricity a year to a provincial power grid, and saves up to 21,000 litres a day of fuel oil by producing up to 34,000Nm3 of bio gas.

The wastewater passes through several pre-treatment steps before entering a GWE methane reactor in which the wastewater’s organic content is digested by bacteria in a closed reactor, degrading the compounds and converting them into biogas and cleaned effluent.

Biogas from the process is collected and reused as renewable fuel in the plant’s thermal oil boiler, saving money that would otherwise be spent on bunker oil.

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