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EEASA discusses merger with AiGroup

The Engineering Employers Association South Australia (EEASA) is in “discussions” with national industry body, Australian Industry Group (AiGroup) to merge their operations, suggesting further consolidation for industry representatives.

AiGroup, the key non-governmental representative body for the manufacturing, engineering, construction, defence and infrastructure sectors, said that the merger discussions were overseen by AiGroup’s recently-resigned national president, Trevor Carroll, who will be succeeded by ex-Amcor Australasia chief operating officer, Don Matthews.

It is not clear why Carroll — who held the top role at AiGroup for two years — decided to leave the association.

The EEASA, which represents companies in the metal and engineering manufacturing sector in South Australia, has had long-term ties with AiGroup.

If EEASA now decides to merge with its long-term ally, it would be able to better represent its members, a spokesperson at the EEASA office told PACE.

Another industry group, the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (AEEMA), merged with AiGroup earlier in the year, with the association now completely absorbed by the larger industry group.

About his new role as AiGroup national president, Matthews said:

“I look forward to being a strong advocate for industry at what is a critical time for business on many fronts. The pressures on industry during this period of global economic turmoil are intense and unpredictable. Ai Group will continue to advocate policies that help restore business investment and business and consumer confidence.

“We are also entering into a period where decisions are pending in a number of hugely important areas for business. There is a lot at stake for industry – most notably in relation to workplace relations, climate change and infrastructure. Ai Group will continue to be active in these and other important areas of public policy.”

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