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Editorial opportunities in PACE magazine

PACE magazine is currently seeking subjects for its regular ‘In Conversation With’ section in which PACE journalists interview business owners, developers, engineers and product managers about their businesses and the major issues they face in the process, automation and control engineering industries today.

PACE magazine’s ‘In Conversation With’ section allows industry members to put their face and brand in front of an involved audience.

Also an opportunity for PACE staff to meet with movers and shakers in the industry, ‘In Conversation With’ provides the perfect platform for one-on-one interviews for inclusion in the magazine and allows industry members to put their faces and brand in front of existing and potential customers.

We are interested in hearing from everyone from engineers to chief executive officers. Interviews can be conducted via email, on the phone or face-to-face.

This is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about your brand, so please contact along with a brief overview of the issues you’d like to discuss.

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