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Economical telemetry solution for control cable wire replacement

Automation Group has launched the Oleumtech WIO standalone wireless I/O mirroring system, an economical telemetry solution for control cable wire replacement.

It can make connecting two “difficult to join points” as easy as mounting a fuse, eliminating costly trenching or the requirement for running conduit.

The Oleumtech WIO System provides a bi-directional, point-to-point communication where you can place inputs and outputs on both sides. Unlike every other telemetry option, it is easy to use with no programming or software needed.

“A significant amount of time and money can be saved by avoiding permitting and trenching to run wires. Because the deployment time is so rapid using the WIO System, you can even use it as an emergency backup system when a hardwired system is down for repair or maintenance. By removing the hardwire run, it also eliminates the potential cost of future wire failure replacement,” said the Oleumtech Solutions Manager at Automation Group, Graeme Lane.

When faced with having to replace an existing control cable hardwired system or installing new infrastructure, the WIO System is possibly the fastest, easiest, and most economical method for wirelessly duplicating discrete, 4-20mA, or 0-10V signal wire.

The WIO System requires no configuration or software and is extremely quick and easy to install. The WIO System mounts to 35mm DIN rail, and only a screwdriver and a wire stripper is required install the system.

In the WIO System, the radio modules control and power everything. They manage all signal traffic and provide critical alarms and diagnostics that can trigger digital outputs for notification. The paired Radio Modules can communicate up to 100ms with a default response time of 1 second. The Radio Modules utilise AES encryption for securely delivering data and are offered in 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz license-free spectrum.

“The WIO System technology will dramatically expand the application for telemetry systems in Australia. No longer will highly skilled automation engineers be required to deploy telemetry systems – every electrician will be able to install and program this equipment, opening up possibilities across many more industries and applications,” said Automation Group Managing Director Adrian Nisbet.

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