Easier than ever – individually configuring enclosures


For system planners, it is now even easier to individually configure complex products such as enclosure systems in 3D. With Rittal’s new RiPanel enclosure configurator, customised enclosures, including accessories, can also be configured. 

System planners and designers need online tools that can be used to configure enclosures with the appropriate accessories, checking for errors, providing 3D visualisations, libraries with predefined drilling patterns and a direct connection to other engineering platforms such as EPLAN. In addition, users can also want to import and place individual cut-outs, ensuring more individual requirements of control and switchgear engineers are easily implemented. 

System planners now have a powerful configuration tool at their fingertips in the shape of Rittal’s RiPanel configurator – operation is simple – with maximum transparency and consistency throughout the whole engineering, ordering and manufacturing processes. 

Customised, yet standard  

Customised solutions are also possible, for example, when preparing the enclosure for machining, the RiPanel user can use predefined drilling patterns and cut-outs if desired. The placement of the cut-outs is now done graphically in 3D. This means that the user can always see exactly where the cutouts are located in relation to other components of the cabinet. A parts list of the selected components shows which parts have been selected and provides information on the total costs with a connection to the online shop. The user can now see at any time during configuration what his current configuration will cost, not only for a series order, but also for production including assembly by Rittal.  

Integrated plausibility checks prevent incorrect orders or wrong designs as early as the planning phase, since only the parts that fit together can be configured. Finally, all the data is stored in RiPanel and can be easily used for subsequent projects, even if modifications are made.  

Highly automated and efficient manufacturing 

The Eplan and Rittal developers have logically thought the process through to production: The virtual prototype of the planned enclosure can be transferred to production machines for further NC machining, using the Perforex MT for example. The data can also be transferred to the new RiPanel Processing Centre production control system. 

Watch video on how to configure enclosures with RiPanel in four easy steps.

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