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Earth Ground Resistance Tester and Stake Kit

Measurement Rentals has introduced the Megger DET2/2 High Performance, Automatic Earth Resistance Tester and Stake Kit to their range of test and measurement rental equipment.

The Earth Tester (a ground bond and ground resistance tester) is a robust, compact instrument designed for measuring earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity. It uses the four terminal method of measurement which eliminates the resistance of the current circuit from the measurement, and is suitable for earth resistance testing of communications installations and industrial applications. The circuit design ensures that the resistance of the potential circuit does not affect the measurement during practical testing.

The instrument is microprocessor controlled and provides a flexible, user-friendly approach to earth testing by giving good error detection capabilities and full test information on a large easily readable alpha-numeric display. A simple key pad can be used to adjust the test frequency, the test current level and the filtering so that adverse conditions influencing the test may be overcome.

With a test voltage of 50V max for safety and a high resolution of 1mΩ it is suitble for large earthing systems. It is also a versatile instrument with IP54 protection and rechargeable battery power with long battery life and rapid re-charge.

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