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Duo teams to mass-produce 2G HTS wire

Global superconductive materials manufacturer, Zenergy Power, has teamed with Honeywell in the United States (US) under a five-year contract to develop the technology to mass-produce 2G HTS wire, according to a US website.

Honeywell and Zenergy will work with the latter’s Second Generation (2G) Research and Development team to develop a range of chemical precursors to be used in Zenergy’s industrial scale ‘all-chemical’ manufacturing process for the volume production of 2G HTS wire, according to The Earth Times (

The report says Honeywell’s interest in the project endorses Zenergy’s 2G HTS wire production techniques and also underlines the potential size of the global 2G wire market.

Zenergy hopes the duo will be able to develop the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to manufacture 2G wire material.

“This agreement is another major step forward for us towards the industrialization of 2G HTS wire,” Zenergy chairman, Michael Fitzgerald, told Earth Times.

“With our two major industrial partners, Thyssen and Honeywell, we are confident we will establish the secured industrial supply chain required for the large-scale renewables generator market. This is of particular importance to the Group at this time as the first of our energy efficient products is now fully commercialised and the development of our other applications is progressing well.

“As we continue to achieve these technical accomplishments we are increasing the depth of our commercial engagement with a number of industrial customers and are accordingly increasingly aware of the importance of having a secure supply chain of materials for the industrial scale production of our HTS products and components. Furthermore, the commitment of resources from another established world class industrials group gives us continued confidence not only in the credibility of our unique all-chemical approach to 2G wire production, but also in the scale of the commercial opportunity that lies within the emerging market.”

Zenergy is a global manufacturer of commercial applications for superconductive materials, and has an Australian subsidiary focussed on commericalising its industrial processes and power distribution systems.

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