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Dumping investigation into Chinese solar panels launched

The Anti-Dumping Commission has announced
that it will look into alleged dumping of Chinese photovoltaic solar panels.

The investigation was announced on
Wednesday into “Certain crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules or panels Exported from the People’s Republic of China”.

Fairfax reports that the Chinese and
Australian markets will be examined and it will be decided whether or not
Chinese companies have been exporting panels to Australia to be sold at a loss.

PV Tech notes that the period being
investigated will be between July 2012 and December last year, and follows an
EU investigation into the dumping of Chinese product.

Australia imported around $1.4 billion in
solar panels in 2014, with 1.3 million houses equipped with these. The number
grows by roughly 50,000 homes each quarter.

Mawson Lakes panels maker Tindo Solar welcomed the news of the dumping investigation, saying there was currently no
level playing field.

“We are supportive of any initiative that embeds a fair
go and fair market price for Australian manufacturers,” the company’s Richard Inwood told Fairfax.

“It’s not just for now but for the future.”

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