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Drives specialist opens Australian operation

Power Electronics has opened an Australian operation, starting with offices in Brisbane and Adelaide carrying full stock locally up to 400kW.

“Based in Spain,” says Nigel Smith, Manager of Power Electronics Australia, “Power Electronics have long been a dominant supplier in their local market and are now focused on developing an international distribution network. Having a direct factory presence in Australia means we can dispatch a query or customization request to them at the end of our business day and they will respond so we have an answer first thing the next morning. Power Electronics are really committed to providing us with the highest level of support.”

Focused solely on the supply of AC variable speed drives and soft starters, the directors of Power Electronics Australia make a vast amount of application experience and expertise available to Australian customers.

“Special attention has been given to the unique requirements of Australasian industry” quotes David O’Donoghue, Managing Director of Power Electronics Australia’s partner in New Zealand, Drive Dynamics. “With such a varied industry base it is our objective to offer a product which is flexible, easy to use whilst providing reliability in the harshest of environments. This coupled with easy access to application and product support will ensure that customers can integrate any of our products with a minimum of fuss”

Sales and Marketing Director, Mark Duncan says their product portfolio offers customers a solution for every variable speed drive or soft starter application. “From the simplest of soft starts through to high power, high performance variable speed drives Power Electronics Australia can assist. Our business is purely about motor control. We have retained the tried and true philosophy of focusing on one specific arena and being in expert in that field”

Power Electronics Australia have their sights firmly set on becoming one of the country’s leading AC motor control suppliers. “Along with a complete suite of products stocked locally up to 400kW, we are committed to returning to the original ideology of providing quality product, service and attention to customer’s requirements,” states Nigel Smith. “Our team are some of the most experienced people in this field and will be only to happy to assist with any technical or commercial query put to them.”

For more information, contact Nigel Smith,, 07 3386 1993

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