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“Does it comply?” pledge launched by NECA and Voltimum at Standards Australia

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) and Voltimum recently launched the "Does it comply?" initiative at the offices of Standards Australia, in Sydney.

Voltimum is an internet portal for the Australian electrical industry.

The event was attended by 40 senior executives from the electrical and communications industry, and the first person to sign the pledge to stamping out non-compliant products was Wes McKnight – NECA’s National Chairman.

“There is no place for non-compliant products in any area of our industry today,” said Wes McKnight. 

“Electrical contractors that knowingly purchase and install non-compliant goods are putting their customers and their business at risk.

"As the new regulations come into effect contractors need to understand the consequences as this behaviour will no longer be tolerated,” he added.

Colin Blair – Standards Australia CEO, opened the proceedings, James Tinslay – NECA CEO welcomed the guests, Kim Craig – Voltimum Australia Chairman, previewed the website and to underline the importance of getting the industry on side, Neil Fraser – Energy Safe Victoria Executive Manager, updated guests on the progress being made by the Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS).

The next step in this process – which kicks off today, is to get contractors in the electrical and communications industry to ‘sign the pledge’.

Contractors do this by watching a webinar on the ‘Does it Comply?’ website and then testing their knowledge with 10 simple questions. 

The organisers hope this will be the beginning of groundswell response to the industry only accepting compliant products across Australia.

Check out the webinar.


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