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DMG/Mori Seiki unveils six machines at Pfronten Open House

Around 6,000 visitors from around the world attended the annual DMG/Mori Seiki Open House held recently at the Deckel Maho plant in Pfronten, Germany.

The five-day event featured over 70 machines, six of which were world premieres.

Making their debut were the CTX beta 2000 and the European-made NLX 2500/SY 700 universal turning machines, the DMU 125 FD monoBLOCK and DMU 65 FT monoBLOCK 5-axis universal milling machines, and the DMC 80 H linear 5-axis horizontal milling centre, which features linear drives on all axes.

Also unveiled was the high-precision DIXI 210 P 5-sided, 5-axis universal milling machine. This product boasts an error tolerance of less than or equal to 0.004 millimetres and a rapid traverse of up to 60 metres per minute.

More than half of the customers attending the event travelled from overseas. This included a contingent of customers from Australia and New Zealand.

Stefan Weiwadel, President DMG/Mori Seiki Australia said he was pleased to see customers exchanging information, making new contacts and taking advantage of the expert advice on offer.

Weiwadel reported that one Australian customer had the unique experience of seeing his new machine being assembled on the production line at the Deckel Maho plant.

“The open house gave customers an opportunity to gain insight into the versatility and professionalism of the company, and to see how it was organised,” he said.

The open house featured an exhibition space showcasing 12 automation system solutions designed to help customers achieve maximum productivity, and presentations from Boeing and Rolls Royce which shed light on the latest developments and innovations in the aerospace industry.

For Weiwadel, the highlight of these presentations was learning how DMG/Mori Seiki can continue to support and contribute to the aerospace industry's targets and success.

“We have set the target to become the market leader in Australia and New Zealand over the next two years, so I look forward to putting names to many more faces in the future,” said Weiwadel.

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