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Distributor Treotham Automation signs Reer safety products

Treotham Automation has become the exclusive Australian distributor of well-known Italian safety products company, Reer.

Reer started its safety sensor business in the mid 1970s in Italy. Today, Reer manufactures and sells its safety products worldwide.

The company’s safety light curtain line is a safety laser scanner and a measurement light curtain line for automation.

Reer’s approach to safety light curtains, which requires no use of a computer, makes it easy and fast for customers to meet mandated safety regulations, says Treotham.

Reer’s safety products are designed to help manufacturers improve profitability by providing safeguards to operators, improved productivity, and low installation and maintenance costs, says the company.

Reer’s optoelectronic safety products are designed for OEM and end-users and are designed to be easy to apply, install, and maintain.

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