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Digitally-programmable strain gauge amplifier

strain gauge

Futek has announced the IDA100 Digitally Configurable Strain Gauge Amplifier, which provides both analog and digital output via USB. The analog output can be used to send information directly to a PLC while the USB output can be used to simultaneously verify that the system is functioning correctly. Furthermore, the amplifier eliminates the need for manual adjustment via dip switches and potentiometers; micro adjustments and calibrations can all be done electronically.

The product’s main features include:

  • Analog output with a bandwidth of 1kHz and digital output with a variable bandwidth of the selected sampling rate of /4
  • Powers on via a 5V USB connector to minimise the interference of noise into the sensor platform
  • Bipolar output with software selectable excitation voltages of ±5 or ±10 VDC
  • Designed with an integrated 35mm DIN rail clip
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