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Digital valve controller named product of the year in China

Emerson Process Management’s Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controller has been named The Best Product of the Year 2008 by Control Engineering China Magazine, based on a reader survey.

The Fisher FIELDVUE DVC2000 received the gong in the process sensor and instrument products category in the magazine’s third annual competition.

The DVC2000 scored higher than 101 products from 62 other companies to win the coveted award, says Emerson.

The FIELDVUE instrument was recognised by end-users, educational institutions and industry professionals for its reliable performance in engineering, plant operations, research and development and other technical areas, according to the manufacturer.

End-users were not prompted with company names but were instead asked to enter enter the name of the best provider in each category.

“We are delighted with this recognition of our digital valve controller by process industry professionals in China,” said Emerson Process Management spokesperson, Jin Yang.

“It confirms the success of our efforts to develop and deliver a product with the features and performance that our customers want.”

The Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controller is one of Emerson’s offerings that power the company’s PlantWeb architecture — a digital automation solution that networks intelligent field devices and sensors throughout plants to monitor asset and process performance, delivering predictive information for use by maintenance and operations to reduce shutdowns and improve overall plant operating efficiency.

Control Engineering China ( is one of China’s leading industry publication and online sources for engineering, operations and management professionals worldwide. The publication is focused on automation, control and instrumentation in the process industry, and is published by Reed Business — the same publisher as PACE magazine.

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