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Digital storage oscilloscope with dedicated controls

RS Components (RS) has introduced the Tektronix TBS2000 series of digital storage oscilloscopes. The TBS2000 offers 10 vertical and 15 horizontal divisions rather than the eight vertical and 10 horizontal divisions typically provided by most oscilloscopes.

The series also offers dedicated controls that provide quick access to important settings enabling better and faster evaluation of designs. The range targets engineers, technicians and scientists in industrial, academic, and research and development environments. Applications include circuit debugging and testing in the manufacturing and radio broadcast equipment areas.

The series is designed for easy operation and quick hands-on learning and comes with a nine-inch WVGA colour display that offers more room for measurement results and menu information. It also enables enhanced signal analysis with new on-waveform cursor readouts and 32 automated measurements, each with informative tips to help choose the right option quickly, as well as an FFT function for thorough waveform analysis. The TBS2000 also features a 20 million point record length on all channels and a sampling rate of up to 1GS/s.

The instrument’s TekVPI probe interface supports active, differential and current probes with automatic scaling and units, and works with traditional BNC connections, but also enables wide application coverage with the latest active voltage probes and current probes. Other features of the TBS2000 series include: USB2.0 ports on the front and rear panels for quick and easy data storage and connection to a PC; a Wi-Fi interface for wireless communications; and an LXI-compliant 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for remote control via a LAN.

The TBS2072 unit in the series is supplied with a 100MHz 10x passive probe (one per analogue channel), documentation CD with programmer manual, installation and safety manual, power cord, calibration certificate documenting traceability to National Metrology Institute(s) and ISO9001 quality system registration. Replacement probes are also available, as well as other compatible probes including high-voltage passive, differential voltage, high-voltage differential, active voltage and current probes. Other accessories include the TekVPI to TekProbe BNC adapter, soft transit case, and GPIB-to-USB adapter.

The Tektronix TBS2000 series is shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.


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