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Digi-Key partners with CalcuQuote on its Quote API for customers

Quote API

Digi-Key Electronics, which offers the world’s largest selection of electronic components in stock for immediate shipment, has partnered with CalcuQuote to integrate its technology with Digi-Key’s Quote API to create an easy entry point for customers to connect with leading APIs, with less development interest. 

Digi-Key’s Quote API secures pricing for 30 days versus standard price and availability options and offers a smoother ordering process, with more efficient quoting and real-time data on demand. Through this partnership with CalcuQuote, Digi-Key customers can have confidence in the prices they are quoted and do not need to invest in extensive software development to leverage the technology. 

“We are proud to leverage this integration with CalcuQuote for our Quote API to give customers a cost-effective and fast option to connect to Digi-Key’s API solutions,” Digi-Key B2B Digital Technology Office manager Nathan Pray said. 

“This integration makes it easy for purchasing professionals around the globe to experience smoother and more efficient ordering while securing pricing for 30 days.” 

CalcuQuote vice president of product, David Sharp, said: “With this pioneering upgrade, customers and Digi-Key reps have access to the same information, ensuring the price is valid for thirty days. Our customers gain confidence, even amidst a volatile market, and CalcuQuote is the first to make it all possible.”   

For more information about Digi-Key’s API solutions, visit their website, where you can also request a free eBook to learn more about the benefits that Digi-Key’s API tools can offer. 

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