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Digi-Key launches “Revolutionising Automation” video series

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Digi-Key Electronics has launched “Revolutionising Automation,” a new video series that explores cutting-edge automation and control technologies. 

Sponsored by Omron and Siemens, the four-part video series highlights how Digi-Key processes over 5.3 million orders annually with an efficient and effective supply chain enabled by the world’s leading suppliers that are revolutionising automation and control solutions including sensors, motors and controllers, robotics, connectors, power, RFID and more.  

“Automation and control components are not only something that Digi-Key offers in its extensive product portfolio, but also something that we use every day to ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly, safely and effectively,” Digi-Key director of automation Eric Wendt said.

“Automation and control is a quickly-growing market that is essential to ensuring global supply chains continue to run smoothly throughout ups and downs, so we are excited to share more about Digi-Key’s use of this technology in this video series.” 

The first video in the series, “Totally Integrated Automation,” is currently live on Digi-Key’s website. The episode showcases conversations with leaders at Siemens about the building blocks of Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) that are now available to Digi-Key customers.  

The next episode, “Robotics and Machinery,” offers a look at how Digi-Key is utilising new robotics technologies from Omron, and others, to automate tasks throughout the Digi-Key warehouse. The video will be released in early April.  

In late April, the third episode entitled “Inventory Management and Sorting,” focuses on the Siemens products that are empowering the management of Digi-Key’s new facility, a hub of automation solutions that manage one of the largest electronics catalogs in the industry.  

The fourth and final video in the series is called “Efficiency and Worker Safety” and will be launched in May, highlighting the many ways Omron’s automation solutions streamline routine tasks to keep workers safe. 

“The theme of automation has a long and storied past that has paved the way for enhanced productivity, increased flexibility and reduced liability within the factory,” Omron director of channel Mark Binder saidOm.

“As innovation continues to drive manufacturers to automate more processes, having the right partner in place is paramount in providing solutions that are integrated, intelligent and interactive. As a leader of automation technology, with solutions spanning the entire production process, Omron remains committed to empowering system integrators and machine builders to respond to changing demands while ensuring operational excellence.” 

“The future of the industry is already here,” Siemens Digital Industries director of partner sales Kurt Covine said. “Automation is being followed by the digitalisation of production. Digitalisation promises important competitive advantages for businesses, such as increased flexibility, minimal downtimes, and higher quality.

“Our resources are finite, and we all need to do more with less. Partnering with Digi-Key gives our customers access to Siemens latest automation solutions to meet this challenge and realise the promise of digitalisation.” 

To watch the video series and learn how Digi-Key is revolutionising the future of automation & control, visit the Digi-Key website 

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