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Differential pressure transmitter/switch

differential pressure

Alvi Technologies has introduced the 984M differential pressure measuring transmitter with LED display. It has a selectable output signal and pressure range selection, enabling users to reduce operating costs and increase operational reliability.

The transmitter covers a pressure range from 0…100Pa to max. 0…250kPa. To ensure optimum adjustment to the respective pressure related application, the it is equipped with a selectable output signal of 0…10 Volt or 4…20mA, which the user can set by means of a jumper on site during the installation.

According to the company, a key advantage offered by the model is the option of equipping it with a 3.5-digit LED display that can be easily read in difficult conditions.  Along with an analogue output signal, the differential pressure transmitter also contains an adjustable transistor switching. The sensor is housed inside the casing which provides protection against splashed water as per IP54 (EN 60529). It can be mounted in any position. The self-compensating piezo resistive pressure transducer eliminates any possible mounting error.

The transmitter can be used for monitoring of gaseous, non-aggressive media in building automation, air conditioning systems and clean room monitoring, valve and flap control, filter, ventilator and blower monitoring and control of air flows.

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