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Diagnostics solution provide secure access to industrial networks

Ethernet Australia announces the release of a new network diagnostics solution for industrial networks. The new TH Link device and TH Scope software by Softing are compatible with Profinet, Profibus, Modbus and EtherNet/IP networking protocols.

Featuring a small and rugged design with industrial grade components and standards, TH Link provides secure access to industrial networks for diagnostic purposes, preventing problems through early detection and automated fault monitoring, with alerts sent to the user through email or the TH Scope software package.

The easy-to-use TH Link devices integrate seamlessly into existing networks, and automatically analyse for faults, missed timings and general connectivity problems. The device can be connected to any standard Ethernet network, allowing it to be hosted and accessed through a web browser remotely for engineers on the go and remote assistance support teams.

TH Link actively and automatically monitors networks and gives maintenance engineers a pinpoint connection or device to fix before faults become critical errors.

Softing’s TH Scope software extends the functionality of TH Link, allowing the devices to be combined and aggregated representing the complete network, and providing meaningful diagnostic analysis and system topologies.

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