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Design and equipment selection for hydrogen projects

Design and equipment selection for hydrogen projects

Countrywide Hydrogen, a subsidiary of ReNu Energy Limited, is progressing towards a final investment decision for its Tasmanian Green Hydrogen projects with the selection of suppliers for electrolysers, HRS and construction contractors.

The suppliers include:

  • Wood and Countrywide Hydrogen have completed the selection of the technology, preferred suppliers, basic design and capital cost estimates for Countrywide Hydrogen’s three green hydrogen projects in Tasmania.
  • Plug Power Inc has been selected as the supplier of two 5MW PEM electrolysers, each designed for up to 2,100kg/day of hydrogen production. Plug Power is a leader in comprehensive hydrogen solutions for the green hydrogen economy.
  • Fabrum Solutions Limited has been selected as the supplier of the HRS (comprising
    a refueller hub and hydrogen tube trailer storage system). Fabrum is a New Zealand based company with several green hydrogen projects under construction in Australia and internationally.
  • Wasco has been selected as the construction contractor to work with Fabrum on the construction and balance of works for the projects. Wasco is an Australian-based construction contractor and operations and maintenance services contractor.
  • The parties are progressing the contractual documentation for the supply and installation of the PEM electrolysers and HRS, the construction contract and an interface agreement setting out the support, cooperation and coordination each contractor will provide to other contractors.

ReNu Energy’s executive chairman Boyd White said, “A significant amount of work has been completed during the last six months in progressing the technical side of Countrywide Hydrogen’s Tasmania green hydrogen projects.

“The culmination of that work is the technology and supplier selection and design for our projects. We are now at the stage to commence final design and complete the relevant contractual documentation to deliver these projects.

Countrywide Hydrogen’s managing director Geoffrey Drucker said, “These appointments will serve to assure potential customers for our green hydrogen in Tasmania that the projects are on track for first production and supply by mid-2025.”

Plug Power CEO Andy Marsh said, “Plug Power is pleased to support Countrywide Hydrogen with its ambitious green hydrogen projects in the State of Tasmania. The plants are strategically located to leverage existing infrastructure and Plug Power’s PEM electrolyser systems are a perfect complement to the plant designs.”

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