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DELTA Element precious metal and alloy XRF analyser

Olympus Australia
announces the launch of a new range of handheld XRF analysers suitable for scrap
metal sorting, positive material identification (PMI), alloy QA/QC, and
precious metals analysis.

testing (NDT) of manufactured materials by X-ray fluorescence or XRF is a
crucial tool in many industries. Olympus now presents an analyser that incorporates
the latest handheld XRF technologies at an affordable price for small to medium
businesses. The new DELTA Element is the most affordable handheld XRF analyser
produced by Olympus to date.

Andrew Taylor,
Regional Sales Manager with Olympus explains that the new handheld XRF analyser
has been developed for customers requiring the speed, reliability and ease of
operation expected from the DELTA Premium model without the extended element
range necessary only for some speciality applications. Olympus’ XRF analysers
provide fast, non-destructive qualitative and quantitative characterisation of

Featuring a powerful
X-ray tube and Si-PIN detector, the DELTA Element provides quick
identification, screening and sorting of alloy and precious metals. The
affordable handheld XRF analyser combines unique features to suit the needs of most
alloy identification and sorting applications.

According to Taylor,
the XRF analyser is a powerful tool that is also designed for simple operation;
users can switch between precious metals and alloy modes at the touch of an
onscreen icon.

Key features and
capabilities of the DELTA Element XRF analysers include display of measured
results and grade identification in seconds; Olympus’ unique Grade Match
Messaging (GMM) feature allowing user to assign customised messages to any
grade and use real-time or pop-up messages for immediate sorting instructions
and improved user efficiency; Delta Report software for fast and professional
reporting and certificate generation of any analysis; lightweight, handheld
design; and durable construction featuring rubber over-moulding for protection
as well as ergonomic grip.

Taylor concludes
that the latest DELTA Element brings the powerful handheld XRF analyser within
the reach of more budget-conscious customers.

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