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Delta Electronics Adds CFP2000 IP55 VSD New Model to the CFP AC Motor Drive Series

Delta, a global leader in thermal and power management solutions, announced a range of IP55-protected vector control variable-speed drives for fan, pump and water treatment applications at the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany. This included the new model CFP2000 IP55 VSD CFP AC Motor drive series.   The CFP2000 VSDs span ratings from 0.75–90kW and come with built-in EMC filters, DC chokes, real-time clocks and 10,000-step PLCs.

Delta’s CFP2000 series is an AC motor drive specially designed for HVAC, fans & pumps, and water treatment applications. It is designed with an IP55 enclosure to provide effective protection from dust and other particles and to offer a good level of protection from water. In addition, it includes many outstanding features and built-in functions that reduce setup and tuning time in operation and provide higher efficiency.

The CFP2000 is equipped with a built-in EMC filter and a DC choke. This design replaces the need for an electrical distribution cabinet and saves space for other devices, while providing the benefits of harmonic suppression and better power quality to the system. Various parameter groups are also included, which allow you to simply select the needed application in the parameter group setting and the system setup is ready. If a higher safety standard is required, an optional main switch function is also available upon selection. Other outstanding features include support for both IM/PM motors, a real time clock, built-in 10k steps PLC capacity and various optional extension cards.

The CFP2000 series will be available in Australia and New Zealand by April 2017.

To find out more about the CFP2000 series, click here.

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