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Delta Active Power Filter APF2000 for excellent power quality improvement

Delta Energy Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd announces the release of the
new Active Power Filter APF2000. Featuring the highest industry standard 32-bit
digital microprocessor, the APF2000 accurately compensates for harmonics, power
factor correction and unbalanced phase compensation for excellent power quality

Clean and efficient power systems normally generate a sinusoidal current
waveform; however, the electric equipment used in modern industrial processes generates
non-sinusoidal currents that can cause a multitude of power quality issues. Consequently,
power fluctuation events such as current distortion, reactive power impact or
unbalanced loads can lower power reliability and efficiency, while increasing operational
costs, and contributing greatly to equipment failure rates and reduced

The increasing harmonically disruptive loads sourced anywhere from
endpoint computers and printers to ‘big load’ and non-linear variable frequency
drives (VFDs), heating/air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, uninterrupted power
supplies (UPS) and building lift systems result in a flood of distorted
(non-sinusoidal) current hitting the local grid.

Finding a solution to improve power quality and manage power grids is
now a major concern for the industry.

Delta Active Power Filter APF2000 addresses this problem by monitoring load
current and filtering harmonics up to the 50th order to <5% (THDi), maintaining
a clean line current and improving Power Factor Correction by over 96%.

Key features of the Delta APF2000 include dynamic filtering response of
300µs with one of the lowest response times in its class; modular CVT fan for
optimised ventilation; smart Digital Signals Processing (DSP) to offer
self-diagnosis; built-in high voltage protection module for full hardware
protection maximising performance; remote monitoring enabled through
communication protocols RS-485, Modbus, CANopen, Ethernet, and Profibus, all
included as standard; and wall-mount options available up to 100A and single
cabinet solutions up to 300A, which can be combined for a full modular solution
to support up to six parallel connections.

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