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Delivering Safety for Food and Beverage Machinery with Variable Speed Drives

Traditional techniques of controlling machinery have been replaced by Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) in the food and beverage automation industry due to precise process control and improved energy productivity. The drives assist with helping machinery manufacturers meet the safety standards by reducing system complexities.

Delta Energy Systems, a Delta Group company which is long recognized for providing quality products with comprehensive features and reliability, has joined with iOpen Pty Ltd in a new long-term partnership. Under this partnership, iOpen will distribute Delta’s industrial automation products and solutions to the Australian market, solely in the New South Wales region and into the specialised skilled area of food & beverage markets within Victoria.

iOpen realise that Delta’s VSD’s will ensure that their total solutions can achieve the optimum speed and torque while maintaining the required accuracy. It is a reliable product that will vary the power required which means there will be less damage to the equipment and motor as well as energy savings from using such technology. Delta has a new range of Safe Torque Off (STO) SIL2 rated VSDs that are essential in bringing high machine safety to food & beverage applications. This concept allows the VSD into a ‘no-torque state’, preventing the VSD and for example a conveyor, from starting automatically on the food production floor. Improving both productivity and efficiency enables energy saving and reduces stress on moving equipment, ultimately reduce operational costs and extend the lifecycle of critical components. Dependence on safe production which is consistent across large volumes and batches with repeatable quality, and VSD technology has a significant influence in achieving these high standards and expectations.

iOpen has made a strategic decision to distribute Delta’s highly reliable and environmentally safe power electronics, to expand further into the food & beverage market. The company prides themselves on supplying their customers with the best variety of products and solutions by obtaining their trusted reputation of delivering on platforms to protect their customers’ investments into the future. “This customer relationship with Delta Energy Systems is well suited to our organisation, given our long history in providing Automation, Drive Motor Control and Power Quality solutions to industry. We are excited about our relationship with Delta and their commitment to the Australian Market, the extensive range of products from Delta will allow iOpen to deliver the most appropriate solution for almost any application.” said Paul Massarella, Director of iOpen.

Find out more by downloading the whitepaper ‘Clean Green Power

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