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Delivering safety for food and beverage machinery with Variable Speed Drives

Traditional techniques of controlling machinery are being replaced by Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) in the food and beverage automation industry due to precise process control, reduced system complexities and improved energy productivity.

Delta Energy Systems has a new range of Safe Torque Off (STO) SIL2 rated VSDs that aim to bring high machine safety to food and beverage applications. This concept allows the VSD to enter into a ‘no-torque state’, preventing the VSD and for example a conveyor, from starting automatically on the food production floor.

The company’s objective is to improve both productivity and efficiency, which will lead to energy savings and reduced stress on moving equipment, as well as reducing operational costs and extending the lifecycle of critical components. According to the company, there is a need for dependence on safe production that is consistent across large volumes and batches with repeatable quality, and VSD technology could play a big part in achieving this.

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