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Delcam forms new subsidiary for Australia and New Zealand

Delcam has converted the software division of its local reseller Camplex into a wholly-owned subsidiary, Delcam Australia, covering the sales and support of Delcam software products in Australia.

Similarly, the Camplex office in Auckland has become Delcam New Zealand and will operate as a branch office of Delcam Australia.

The staff at Camplex will become employees of Delcam Australia and Delcam New Zealand, thus ensuring that any impact of the change for customers will be minimal.

The new subsidiary will operate from the same offices, and the staff will have the same office and mobile phone numbers for existing and potential customers to contact them.

In the longer term, being a full subsidiary of Delcam will enable additional investment in the sales and support operations in Australia and New Zealand.

This will probably include a move to new offices for the Melbourne operation and an increase in staff to better serve the 500 Delcam customers.

Camplex has represented Delcam in Australia since 1988 from its offices in Melbourne and Brisbane. It will continue to sell and support the Baces3D arms, Roland milling machines and Vericut software, and will work closely with Delcam Australia on any joint customers.

[Image courtesy Camplex.]

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