Decentralised servo drive system reduces cabling by more than 80%

Motion Technologies introduces a new distributed servo drive solution from Kollmorgen designed to reduce cabinet space and cabling hassles to simplify machine design, set-up and operation.

Kollmorgen’s new AKD-N is a decentralised servo drive system that leverages robust industry IP67-rated drives positioned next to the motor and supplied by a central power module located in the switchgear cabinet. The servo drives typically find application in packaging machines and production systems in the food and beverage industry.

Unlike traditional panel mount systems that involve cable chasing, panel wiring, tagging, and crimping, AKD-N drives are quickly and easily installed by making three screw lock connections.

Power and fieldbus communication are delivered to the AKD-N servo drives via an 11mm diameter hybrid cable, enabling the drives to operate directly in series, and supplying up to 4 kW per axis. The Safe Torque Off functionality is also included in the design.

The AKD-N servo drives allow the user to utilise any Kollmorgen motor technology, while still implementing a system that decentralises the drives into the machine chassis. The AKD-N servo drive’s flexible connection to all types of Kollmorgen motor technologies enables machine designers to select features to suit environment and load requirements such as IP69K rated stainless steel AKMH or the dynamic Kollmorgen direct drive platform of motors.

The modularity additionally optimises the thermal properties of the drives and the cabinet; mounted directly on the machine, distributed AKD-N servo drives significantly reduce cabinet volumes and cabling effort, achieving savings of over 80% in some applications. 

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