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DC voltmeter with 9PPM accuracy

The new Hioki DM7276 DC voltmeter is designed for precision voltage measurement to 9 parts per million. 

Contact checking, and temperature correction of readings to standard temperature make the instrument suitable for Li-ion battery testing. The voltage ranges are 100mV, 1000mV, 10V, 100V, and 1000V. 

High resolution, e.g. 10 nanovolt on the 100mV range, provide laboratory standard accuracy (±0.0015%rdg. ±2μV on the 100mV range). 

Optional temperature measurement (Z2001 thermistor probe) provides a range of -10.0 °C to 60.0 °C, and permits measurements of open circuit voltage to be standardised to user-specified temperatures. 

The Hioki DM7276 features trend graphs, a range of preset classification levels, binning functions, and rugged touch screen operation suitable for production environments. 

The standard interfaces provided are LAN (100BASE-TX), EXT I/O , USB flash drive / USB device (USB2.0 Full-Speed), or GP-IB (-02 type only) / RS-232C (-03 type only) / PRINTER (-03 type only). 

A basic model, the Hioki DM7275 has the same voltage ranges and an accuracy of 25 parts per million.

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