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DataSuite – data integration system for Australian manufacturers

Central Innovation, a provider of design software, hardware, systems, and people solutions to construction, architecture, and manufacturing companies, has announced its latest data integration solution, DataSuite.

Developed to meet the needs of Australian businesses, DataSuite enables companies to move and manage data between independent systems without manual processing. By providing a unifying platform between systems, DataSuite transforms the complex task of moving data between systems into a single, automated process that eliminates errors and reduces costs.

Manual data harmonisation between different systems is complex, tedious and prone to error. Subsequently, significant time is spent locating the data and reconciling it instead of making data-driven decisions. This causes a delay in time-to-market, lost productivity, and profit.

DataSuite prevent this and speeds up the build process to increase efficiency and profitability. Functions include:

  • ETL (Extract Transform Load) – gathering data created in siloed environments such as CAD and transforms it into a neutral format that can be manipulated and then moved easily to another differently structured system such as ERP;
  • design studio – allowing the user to define business rules and event triggers;
  • transactions monitor – providing a real-time monitor of data flow as well as static reports;
  • reconciliation – allowing the manipulation of data mid-flow to transform into a format a second system can read correctly;
  • PIOL (Production Information Orchestration Layer): – providing an advanced visual interface for managing production information data (attributes and relations);
  • connectors – specific connectors to the platform for ERP, PDM, CRM and MRP systems such as MS Nav Dynamics, SAP, Pronto, NetSuite, M1; and
  • triggers ­ automatically invoking movement of data on defined events and rules.
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