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Datalogger offers compatibility with cloud data portals

The Logbox Connect dataloggers range makes it easy to analyse data using a web browser. PACE explains.

Novus Automation has released its latest model in the Logbox Connect datalogger series. The Logbox Connect models feature both a datalogger and wireless connectivity. The Logbox WiFi now joins the Logbox Connect BLE with Bluetooth connectivity and the LogBox 3G with 2G/3G connectivity.

All of the Logbox Connect models are fitted with a large LCD display, two or three universal analogue inputs, one digital input and one alarm output.

The universal analogue inputs have 15-bit resolution and accept thermocouples J,K,T,N,E,R,S,B or Pt100 RTD or 0-50mV, 0-5V, 0-10V or 0-20mA, 4-20mA signals.

The digital input can be used to count pulses or start/stop the datalogging. There are internal sensors for temperature, battery voltage and external power supply and also a buzzer for alarms. Each model has a memory capacity of 140,000 readings.

Configuration and data downloading can be performed with the mobile application NXperience BLE (BLE Model only), or computer software NXperience, which can access all LogBox Connect models via USB. The new LogBox Connect family also provides compatibility with cloud data portals so that stored data can be transferred easily to the cloud. This makes it easy for users and their colleagues to access, view and analyse data using a web browser.

Novus now provides free access for users to securely store the logged data to their NOVUS Cloud. The NOVUS Cloud portal can be used to access historical data, display variables from all sites or to configure the devices assigned to the portal. This is a safe environment to store your data, password protected and with defined user’s hierarchy. Most importantly, it can be accessed from anywhere.

The LogBox Connect BLE is a bluetooth data logger for up to three analogue sensors and one digital input. The analogue channels accept direct connection of thermocouple temperature sensors, or Pt100 and sensors for any other quantities with signals in current or voltage. The digital channel could either record events with time stamp, such as opening a door or counting pulses from a flow sensor.

Then there is LogChart BLE, which is a mobile application that can be used in Android devices (Apple devices are in development), an ideal tool for daily operation as monitoring, data download or configuration of LogBox BLE, adding the mobility
of Bluetooth communication to it. LogChart BLE can download data from several LogBox BLE and transfer the data to the NOVUS Cloud.

The LogBox Connect 3G is an Internet of Things (IoT) device with integrated data logger and 3G/2G connectivity that allows remote telemetry or mobile monitoring solution. Data can be accessed remotely and centrally through a SCADA application or NXperience software. Secure, real-time information accessed quickly and easily.

The device has two universal analogue inputs that accept a range of sensors. It also has internal sensors for measuring temperature, battery voltage and external sources. In addition, LogBox 3G has SMS alarm commands and alerts. Ten different alarms with SMS text messages can be configured and the phone book allows up to 20 contacts.

The Logbox Connect 3G can also be fitted with a GPS so that mobile monitoring and mapping can be carried out.

The LogBox Connect WiFi is an IoT device with integrated data logger and Wi-Fi connectivity. LogBox Wi-Fi is suitable for monitoring multiple rooms in buildings such as hospitals and industrial refrigerated food plants with multiple points being monitored and logged, all connected to the Wi-Fi network of the facilities.

LogBox Wi-Fi has MQTT protocol to publish data into IoT brokers, Cloud or SCADA system, as well as Modbus TCP protocol to operate as slave into SCADA systems. Novus are currently developing an app for configuration of the LogBox Wi-Fi.

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