Data management and software outsourcing the future for energy industry

JDA Australia says the energy industry will be moving into outsourced data management and software services.

This trend was recently confirmed by BP’s moves in West Europe, which is moving to outsourcing via JDA Demand.

BP was already using JDA Demand to estimate the quantity of different fuels its clients were likely to order. It sought an external partner to host the software and manage demand data for Germany and the UK.

It decided to shift the technology infrastructure and data management function to JDA Managed Services. Having effectively outsourced these parts of the operation, it no longer has to invest in specialised internal staff, does not have to worry about purchasing hardware, software and infrastructure, and achieved “invisible” technology implementations and upgrades.

Following a seamless transition from one of BP’s data centres, today JDA owns and manages all of the hardware, software and technology infrastructure behind BP’s application of JDA Demand.

All demand information resides in a JDA data centre in the United States, where it is instantly accessed by BP managers in Europe to make critical forecasting and planning decisions.

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