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Data logger with multi-user access

Bestech Australia has introduced the ALMEMO 500 by Ahlborn with simultaneous multi-user access via Wi-Fi and tablet control. Users will be able to configure the device via an 8-inch tablet with a preinstalled app. A variety of sensor types can be attached to the device due to its galvanically isolated and independent measuring input sockets.

The standard version provides 20 measuring input sockets, and is capable of synchronously measuring up to 4000 measuring operations per second. The measured values can be displayed as single measurement values, value lists, freely configurable displays or as a line graph. Historical measurement sequences saved on the measurement data storage can be loaded offline as well as during measurement operations. Measurement data is either exported via the program WinControl or via Excel.

The device also features internal 3GB data memory, which allows for up to 600 million measured values, and can be powered by either mains or battery.

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