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Data logger for heat flow and temperature

The Hioki HiLOGGER LR8432 provides a new level of sensitivity with voltage/heat flow measurement ranges down to 10mV f.s.

This capability ensures its ability to deliver accurate, reliable measurement, even of targets with small temperature changes.

The sensors used to measure heat flows (heat flow sensors) have different sensitivities, and in the past it was necessary to calculate and set the conversion ratio for each 1 V of output based on the sensitivity constant.

The LR8432’s configuration process improves work efficiency by requiring only that the sensitivity constant be input. The new Hioki HiLOGGER LR8432, ten-channel data logger is palm-size, is suitable for tasks including HVAC, industrial, and electric vehicle monitoring.

The data loggers can be powered by an optional trickle-charged NIMH battery pack and have 10 analogue data channels and 4 digital input channels.

The analogue channels are fully floating being isolated from ground and from each other. The inputs are suitable for thermocouples (K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B) and voltages from 100mV full-scale to 100V full scale. A single channel programmable output alarm is provided.

The measurement function utilises a delta-sigma A/D, digital filtering and Hioki proprietary over-sampling technology to provide clean signals and easily discernable trends.

The additional four digital channels are suitable for rev counters, pulse counters, etc. Minimum simultaneous sampling interval is 10ms, and maximum is 1 hour.

With 10ms sampling time, the 7MB internal memory permits 32 minutes of recording.

The Hioki HiLOGGER LR8432 data loggers are supplied with a logger utility package suitable for PCs.

Up to five loggers can be interfaced via USB hub to a PC for simultaneous real-time recording, data processing and operations including scroll-back.

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