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Data logger company dominates Chinese network

Data logger manufacturer, Datataker, has been chosen to supply a “large number” of its dataTaker range of data loggers to the Chinese national network.

A large order was placed for a mix of the dataTaker range, to be used on the Chinese national network to log environmental parameters such as soil temperature, temperature/humidity, wind direction/wind speed, air pressure, rainfall, evaporation, sunshine, pyrradiometer, and net pyrradiometer.

In addition, the data loggers will also be used on basic weather stations to monitor temperature, wind direction/wind speed and rainfall.

Datataker now dominates the Chinese metrological market, according to the company.

Datataker China sales manager, Martin Qi, said DataTaker products were chosen because of their high quality, previous performance in similar applications, quick delivery and service the Chinese companies receive from the Datataker Chinese partner and the Datataker Australian team.

The latest Chinese order follows other recent International orders which include countries such as USA, Italy, Spain, UAE, and India.

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