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Data analysis package with signal analysers

MATLAB data analysis software will now come with all purchases of Agilent Technologies Inc’s EXA, MXA and PSA signal analysers.

The MathWorks, which produces MATLAB data analysis software, develops technical computing and Model-Based Design software for engineers and scientists in industry, government, and education sectors, including automotive, aerospace, communications, financial services, biotechnology, electronics, instrumentation and process.

According to Agilent vice president and general manager — signal analysis division, Guy Sene, combining MathWorks’ MATLAB in a package with certain Agilent signal analysers will enable engineers to confidently analyse, visualise and filter signals that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to do.

In effect, Sene says the agreement enables users to obtain high-quality instrumentation and data analysis software from a single source.

“MATLAB is extremely important and is used pervasively by our customers,” he said.

“This agreement provides them with the convenience of purchasing a complete hardware and software solution from Agilent, allowing them more time to focus on the creation of real-world, high-quality designs.”

Agilent’s signal analyser series, the EXA and MXA, and the PSA high-performance series now have purchase options that allow customers to include task-optimised configurations of MathWorks products. These include:

* The MATLAB Basic Signal Analysis Package provides an introductory software package for configuring and controlling Agilent instruments and performing basic signal and visualisation tasks from the MATLAB environment.

* The MATLAB Standard Signal Analysis Package adds functionality for filtering signals and analysing modulation schemes.

* The MATLAB Advanced Signal Analysis Package adds functionality for advanced filter design methods and radio frequency (RF) component analysis.

“Agilent customers get the benefit of a coherent, integrated software platform that lets them use Agilent equipment in the complete product-development lifecycle,” said MathWorks vice president of engineering for MATLAB, Roy Lurie.

“This combination, in turn, enables them with integrated analysis, which accelerates time to insight and time to market.”

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